As Honduras is engulfed in political turmoil and currently has the highest murder rate in the world, our work is increasingly crucial. In the next years, Lazos Education Fund seeks to grow fundraising efforts by sharing the source of our inspiration through social media, events, personal stories, and facilitating trips for volunteers and donors to Honduras.  We believe all of LAZOS’s supporters can and should have a personal connection to the meaningful work being done in La Venta, Honduras, the home of ANA. Here is what we intend to accomplish in the next years:

  • Support capital projects for classroom construction, cultural exchanges, and other expansion efforts.
  • Facilitate quality volunteer experiences for Americans in La Venta, Honduras
  • Develop a pilot student exchange to bring top ANA students to the US for several months a year.
  • Lead yearly trips to La Venta, Honduras to experience Asociacion Nuevo Amanecer
  • Fund need-based scholarships to alleviate ANA’s operating budget gap between tuition revenue and total expenses.
  • Offer teacher training and resource additions through US volunteer placement at ANA.
  • Build on the LAZOS-ANA partnership and begin a similar relationship with another Latin American school.