Greg Zerwas, the president of Lazos Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, was a volunteer at Asociacion Nuevo Amanecer or ANA, in rural Honduras, in the late 90s. At that time it was an orphanage with 30 children, a dairy and agricultural production.  The “project” has since changed its focus to educating the underserved rural community by offering vocational and academic programs. In addition, ANA now  has a bilingual school that has sparked much interest in the area.

On Greg’s many trips to ANA over the years as a volunteer, he has been amazed at the progress and growth of the organization, now educating over 800 students annually. The reasons for its rapid growth are many. Primarily, they make it possible for the poorest kids, who otherwise have nearly no hope for a post 6th grade education, to attend classes by offering:

  • scholarships
  • transportation
  • family support services
  • quality educational opportunities

The obvious need that is being filled by this dedicated organization, and the efficiency it commands with the funds it receives, is a testament to the caring people running it.

The opportunity to receive a quality education while also learning a technical skill is a very innovative and unique concept in Honduras.  ANA is constantly surveying the needs of the community and  adapting through changing its services and offerings to meet those needs.